Discover more with the urban SUV.

The city can serve up plenty of challenges — potholes, burst water pipes, rough roads, you name it. That’s why the ECOSPORT sits high off the ground so you can go over, rather than around obstacles. And it’s just the right

size and combination of power and efficiency for city driving.

There’s no stopping you.

Like any SUV, an urban SUV is about getting you where you need to go. The ECOSPORT puts 200mm of ground clearance between you and the road, potholes, ditches or whatever else is in your way.

Come hell or high water.

Even if a bit of patchy road is the most you’re anticipating, the ECOSPORT’s 550mm water-wading capability makes sure you’re ready for the unexpected.

All the right moves.

You want an SUV but your life is in the city. That’s why the ECOSPORT is the perfect fit. Its right-sized design makes it easy to park and get around those narrow city streets.


Where function meets form.

Like a spicy meal without a cold drink to wash it down, fiery intensity wouldn’t be much fun without a softer side. So all the ECOSPORT’s rugged SUV capabilities are complimented by the comfort of a sedan.

Adjustable steering wheel.

The easily adjustable steering wheel adapts comfortably to your driving position.

Leather* seats standard on Titanium.

*Leather seats are a combination of leather and high-quality, durable materials.


Stylish stitched furnishings and designer fabric trim round off the ECOSPORT’s interior.

Sleek from any angle.

The ECOSPORT’s clean lines and Kinetic Design will capture your attention.