Aftermarket styled wheel covers shown – South African spec may vary – see specifications sheet.


The new headquarters.

The TRANSIT CONNECT is built to take on tough work and retain its eye-catching looks. With the latest fuel-efficient engine and smart technology, it offers today’s business a real competitive edge.

Aftermarket styled wheel covers shown – South African spec may vary – see specifications sheet.

The stocktake.

There’s room for two Europallets in the TRANSIT CONNECT LWB.


5-year perforation warranty.


The TRANSIT CONNECT owes its durable


exterior to a thorough multi-stage


painting process. From the wax-injected


steel body sections to the water-based


top coat, the TRANSIT CONNECT will


retain its good looks for many years to





250 000 door shuts.

We opened and closed the doors and bonnet over 250 000 times in real-world conditions to help ensure they will never let you down.

Obsessively driven.

During its development, we test-drove the TRANSIT CONNECT the equivalent of 3 million km, including 250 000km with real customers. It’s a van you can rely on, right down to the smallest ball bearing.

Pushed to extremes.

From frost-covered prototypes started up in –40˚C at 4 500m altitudes, to sun-baked vehicles towing fully-laden trailers up long inclines in 50˚C heat, the TRANSIT CONNECT has been pushed to extremes.


The bodyguard.

A full line up of safety and driver assistance features makes use of the latest technology to protect the driver, passengers and their belongings.

Aftermarket styled wheel covers shown – South African spec may vary – see specifications sheet.

The board meeting.

The TRANSIT CONNECT comes with a wealth of useful features to help make your life a little easier and delivers the most connected and enjoyable driving experience.

European model shown – South African spec may vary – see specifications sheet.

Electronic Stability

Programme (ESP).

ESP is designed to help you maintain control in extreme driving conditions. It senses when you are deviating from your chosen line and aims to keep you on track by automatically regulating braking and engine output.

Trailer Sway Control.

When it detects trailer sway, the system is designed to reduce engine torque and apply the brakes to the appropriate wheel(s) to help maintain control. (Standard with Ford factory-fitted towbar.)


Load Adaptive Control.

Designed to adjust the responses of the ESP system to compensate when the vehicle is unladen, partially- or fully-laden.

Rollover Mitigation.

Designed to identify a potentially dangerous driving situation and activate the ESP to restore stability.

Hill Launch Assist (HLA).

Designed to temporarily prevent you from rolling down a slope when you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal. It works in forward and reverse gears, so is ideal for towing and pulling heavy loads.

Emergency brake warning.

Front and rear indicators automatically flash during heavy braking, giving other drivers advanced hazard warning.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

Designed to recognise an emergency braking situation and increase the pressure within the braking system to provide optimum stopping power.

Occupant safety.

Driver airbag standard and passenger airbag optional.

Parking distance sensors, front and rear.

With the TRANSIT CONNECT, you won’t have to pass by those more challenging parking spaces. An audible warning helps you judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles at the front and rear, for easier parking and manoeuvring. (Option)

Rear-view camera.

Select reverse and the view from the rear-view camera is displayed automatically in the internal mirror. Marker lines overlaid on the camera image indicate where the vehicle is heading. (Option)

Bluetooth® connectivity.

Overhead driver and passenger storage shelf.

Bluetooth® hands-free phone provides a wireless mobile phone connection for audio and phone.

Note: The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Ford Motor Company Limited and its associated companies is under licence. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Make your drive a pleasure.

Car-like comfort, durable seating and commanding driving positions make the TRANSIT CONNECT the most relaxing and comfortable place to be in. Great to drive, great to sit in, it boasts premium finishes and high-quality materials, without compromising everyday practicality.

Storage compartment above instrument cluster.

The TRANSIT CONNECT provides cleverly concealed storage through a lidded storage box with a 12V Power point socket above the driver’s side of the instrument panel.