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  1. ID - South African resident ID number
    Foreign national supply passport number and country
  2. If married in community of property, your spouse's ID or passport number
  3. Drivers license card - scan
  4. Proof of address (not older than 3 months), water and lights, cell phone contract, lease agreement if renting
  5. Latest payslip
  6. Bank certified statements for the past 3 months as of todays date
  1. Certificate of incorporation for both (Pty) Ltd. and CC
  2. Proof of business address (not older than 3 months)
  3. Audited financial statements
  4. All members/directors must fill out the finance application form
  5. All members/directors supply ID, drivers license and proof of address
  6. Bank certified statements for the past 3 months as of todays date


Steps you need to complete
  1. Click the download application and IDX buttons one at a time
  2. Save and fill out the forms on your computer
    Print and fill out the forms by hand, then scan the completed forms
  3. Make copies digital or physical of all REQUIREMENTS listed above
Submitting the paper work
  • Email all digital copies as attachments
    Fax physical copies to 021 715 2555
  • Alternatively phone us on 021 803 2000 and one of our customer focused staff will assist you with every step
Download Credit Application Form

Download Business Credit Application Form

Download IDX Form

South African Credit Regulations

The National Credit Act

The National Credit Act was signed into law by the South African President on 15 March 2005, and governs the assessment, application and maintenance of credit granted by a credit provider to a consumer within the Republic of South Africa.

The objective of the NCA

Level the playing fields amongst all credit providers especially & including:

  • the manner in which credit is granted
  • how consumers are treated when applying for credit
  • the ongoing relationship between the credit provider and their client
  • to limit over-indebtedness by placing the responsibility on the credit providers to ensure that they do not grant credit recklessly.

What are your rights as a consumer?

  • all information presented to you must be in plain and understandable language
  • you are entitled to apply for credit (note: a credit provider can decline your application)
  • you are are protected against discrimination in respect of the granting of credit
  • if the credit you applied for is refused, reasons must be provided
  • receive all relevant documents pertaining to the credit agreement
  • protect your consumer rights

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